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What’s your main focus so far for 2022? I’m hearing quite a mix of answers when I ask my clients that question. Some of the top concerns seem to fall in the following categories:



Leadership – how can I be a better leader in today’s hybrid or virtual work environment?

Teambuilding – what are things I can do to unite and build my team?

Motivation – how can I get unstuck and out of this funk?

In response, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite and most popular blogs that will help support you in these specific areas.




Lessons for Leaders from the “Great Resignation”

Business leaders should encourage proactive relationship building best practices for all individuals. It’s also a good time to honestly reflect on your own levels of self-awareness and consider what you can do to grow and change with the times. I also suggest that you evaluate your current corporate culture and ask yourself some specific questions in order to ensure a happy workforce that wants to work with and for you. 

4 Big Reasons Why People-First Leaders & Organizations Are Winning

As an executive coach and team-building expert, I can immediately tell if a new client or team is part of a people-first organization. How? It’s in the way employees are engaged, and if they genuinely embrace their work and the purpose for doing what they do. In fact, there is a very strong correlation between the discretionary effort they give, and being in an environment that truly supports them. People-first executives, managers and decision-makers attract workers who can’t wait to be a part of their teams. 




5 Tips for Powerful Teambuilding & Development

When business leaders ask me what are the most important areas to pay attention to right now in terms of productivity, corporate culture and the overall health of a business, I narrow my response to two main areas: leadership and teamwork. Keeping leaders and teams connected is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Today, it takes time, attention – and intention – to nurture relationships in the midst of a drastically altered workforce. In this article I share five steps for building – or rebuilding – your team, fostering team engagement and creating outstanding team performance.

Why Team Building & Collaboration Should Be A 2021 Priority

Do you remember the good ol’ days, when catching up over lunch or during impromptu, in-person meetings used to enable team members to connect on a daily basis? Today, a largely remote work force amidst a global pandemic calls leaders to be more intentional in bringing people together, and creating that same kind of environment, only virtually. 




10 Powerful Movies to Inspire Leaders, Managers and Teams

When it comes to teams and leaders, movies can be incredibly inspirational in ways that books and articles aren’t. They can also serve up great subject matter for team meetings and small group discussions. As we face the winter months ahead, it’s a good time to start beefing up your own personal must-see movie list. Here are some of my favorite flicks that shine the light on effective leadership styles. Just as in real life, these stories reflect layered individuals who have strengths, weaknesses, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

5 Tips on Making Boring Tasks More Engaging

Are you doing a task that’s taking forever to complete because you don’t find it exciting? Whether you have a dream job or doing something you aren’t passionate about, boredom often creeps in. When it does, performance can take a nosedive. Luckily, there are ways to make any mundane job more interesting. Here are handy tips to help you turn even the most mind-numbing tasks into fun.


What Are Your Top Concerns?

While I’ve focused on three main categories of concern here, I’m sure there are more. What are your main areas of focus as we plunge into 2022? Can they be included in one of these categories, or do you want to read more about another one? I want to help support you by including relevant topics that address what’s on your mind for the new year. Please share your thoughts and make suggestions below. 


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