PostIt with words What's NextOver the past year, two big challenges my clients have consistently faced are to keep leaders and teams connected, and nurture relationships in the midst of a drastically altered workforce. Thanks to virtual team building events and initiatives, we’ve seen incredibly positive results – often in unexpected ways. 

However, when I’m asked, “When will we get back to how we used to be?” my response is always the same. We won’t. No matter what the next months and years bring, company leaders will face a whole new set of challenges including restoring relationships, and rebuilding corporate cultures.

In Why Restoring Your Culture After The Pandemic Is Doomed To Fail by Forbes Senior Contributor George Bradt, the path forward is to “… focus on evolution, not restoration.”

One of Bradt’s points I appreciate the most? Future challenges present great opportunities. He also suggests that an option for dealing with a post-pandemic culture is to get out of the way and let culture evolve on its own

The environmental change creates a point of inflection for everyone. You can change your ambitions or not. But you must jump-shift your strategy and culture, organization, and operations all together at the same time.

Additional highlights:

  • Reconsider your place in the ecosystem
  • Get clear alignment on priority choices 
  • Evolve the culture appropriately 

Check out Brandt’s entire article here, and let me know what you think. In addition, if you’re ready to build better teams and incorporate team building initiatives, contact us now – we’re ready to help. 


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