Deseri is a dynamic coach, facilitator, and multi-sport adventure racing athlete. A coach at heart, her passion for genuinely connecting with people and identifying what is important to them are the cornerstones of her coaching practice and business. It is this dedication that complements her ability to develop team and personal effectiveness. 
Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, She spent nearly 20 years in business development, where she gained invaluable insight into the value of relationship building and communication within organizations. In 2009 Deseri served as President of the largest business networking group in the Midwest. She is certified in team building and is Association for Challenge Course Technology certified. In her spare time she combines her coaching and athletic excellence to train runners and walkers to prepare for charity race events.
Presentation Options
  • Large Group Instruction
  • Large Group Team Building
  • Team Building Games With Audiences
  • Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Guiding Principles

When a lot of people play together individual synergies become a synergistic phenomenon and the combined energy of two or more players is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The sound of ten players laughing, when increased to 50 or 100 players laughing, creates a level of enjoyment and connection that engages people’s attentions and emotions in a compelling way. – The More the Merrier (Sikes, Calvert, and Evans)

People laughing and playing together create an experience in common. Commonalities create connections, the invitation to further relationship. From relationship comes the possibility of understanding, acceptance and even forgiveness. It is a kinesthetic catalyst to relationship building and camaraderie among groups and teams of every size. The experiences in large group activities or large group team building activities are structured activities. Ideally, learning situations are generated naturally in one’s daily life, but they can also be “simulated” to provide opportunities for specific types of learning (for example: trust building, enhancing communication and problem solving). A structured experience is a framework in which the inductive learning process can be facilitated.

I have worked within some of the same professional circles as Deseri for nearly a year and her reputation as a dynamic, energetic, and (most importantly) effective partner is both appropriate and universal. Beyond her very real competence as a trainer and speaker, she brings an infectious enthusiasm to every encounter that is a powerful force. She is uniquely capable of energizing and empowering others to action simply by infusing her clarity of focus, imaginative approach to problem solving, and enthusiasm to all of her endeavors. 
Bill Meyers

Manager, Career Services, Career Transition Strategies

Deseri is one of those people you meet and immediately understand she is made of great things. Her ambition and drive are like no other. She has an ability to bring a team together, build trust, and open minds. Our world, home, and workplace are filled with “People Issues” and Deseri can offer a great solution. 
Amy Woodall

Communications, TrustPointe

Vida Aventura’s approach doesn’t fit in any of the neat little category boxes of team building. Deseri’s team building is a combination of stretching personal limits, critical thinking, and exploring the limits of teamwork and trust. Our team that went through her program developed dramatically better insights into each other’s core values and a deep sense of trust that turbocharged our inter-dependant business collaborations. This was experiential learning at its best! 
K. Giesselman