“Within each of us lies the strength, confidence and ability for greatness.

Sometimes all it takes is that extra push.”

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At Vida Aventura, our team building, leadership development and
coaching relationships begin with a
single goal: to empower individuals to become their best.

Whether you seek positive change for your organization, within your team or for yourself, we’re ready to help you reach the next level. We offer executive and personal coaching, leadership development, and team building training for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Check out our site, download resources, read our blogs and contact us today about how we can help your team achieve results!


“Deseri is one of those people you meet and immediately understand she is made of great things. Her ambition and drive are like no other. She has an ability to bring a team together, build trust, and open minds. Our world, home, and workplace are filled with “People Issues” and Deseri can offer a great solution.”

Amy Woodall
Communications, TrustPointe
“I have worked within some of the same professional circles as Deseri for nearly a year and her reputation as a dynamic, energetic, and (most importantly) effective partner is both appropriate and universal. Beyond her very real competence as a trainer and speaker, she brings an infectious enthusiasm to every encounter that is a powerful force. She is uniquely capable of energizing and empowering others to action simply by infusing her clarity of focus, imaginative approach to problem solving, and enthusiasm to all of her endeavors. ”

Bill Meyers
Manager, Career Services, Career Transition Strategies
“One of the greatest gifts that I give myself is to work with a good group facilitator. Deseri is an outstanding motivational and inspirational team building and leadership training professional. She provides exemplary, outcome driven coaching and facilitation that translates vision into reality. Deseri demonstrates extensive knowledge of business development and knows how to lead teams to higher levels of success.”

Laura Borders
CTRS MS Ed, S.P.I.C.E. , Team and Leadership Development Training

What We Do

Executive & Personal Coaching

Potential. Everyone has it. Are you living yours? For the last 10 years, we’ve been coaching business professionals and individuals to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. We help guide your development, hold you accountable to your goals, and keep you focused on what matters.

Leadership Development

Studies have shown that companies with high leadership qualities are six times more likely to be among the top financial performers of all organizations. Is your organization in the process of developing leaders, emerging leaders or managers? We create customized solutions that will equip all levels of our team with the skills necessary to coach, influence and achieve optimal performance and drive organizational results.

Team Building

Adult learners learn best when they understand why something is important, learning is experimental, and the process is positive and encouraging. At Vida Aventura we create powerful experience-focused team building programs. Imagine what would be possible if your team was more trusting, engaged, satisfied, cohesive and aligned!

Our Clients


Deseri is a dynamic coach, facilitator, and multi-sport adventure racing athlete. Armed with a set of guiding principles, she gives regular presentations to large groups on team cohesiveness, personal potential and mindfulness in the workplace. Her highly engaging programs include activities that encourage stepping outside of your comfort zone and understanding yourself and others.

Adventure Retreats

One of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself is participating in a Vida Aventura retreat. Whether you’re learning to surf, practicing yoga and meditation, paddle boarding or zip-lining through the middle of a forest, combining experience-based activities, coaching and personal growth exercises will help you to realize what’s possible.