The Art of Effective Communication

It is not unusual to hear people in companies say, “We have a communication problem here.” This program will provide methods and information to analyze and improve your own communication and help you help others. We communicate in many ways: with our words, tone, eyes, and bodies to name a few. Understand the hidden meanings behind the various communication methods and devise strategies to communicate more effectively and avoid unnecessary conflict.

The Art of Influencing Others

Lay the foundation for more effective communication in this highly interactive workshop. Develop creative ways to establish rapport and build relationships through a deeper awareness of the power of nonverbal communication. Learn how to avoid common communication barriers. Recognize communication styles preferences, and tailor your communication to be more effective with each style. Learn methods for de-escalating difficult situations and resolving conflict effectively. Through a series of structured experiences, develop and learn to apply skills that improve your effectiveness when marketing your services in any communication skill.