So … you’ve been promoted to a new managerial position. Congratulations! You obviously have a high level of expertise and technical know-how in your field. Now what?

If you’re like most new managers, you go in with the best of intentions but very little training. And then you hope for the best. It happens all the time … a valuable worker is promoted, and suddenly they are expected to manage teams and lead everybody to corporate victory, even though they have minimal experience in such matters. It’s called trial by fire, and often the results are the same: it all goes up in flames.

Our Management Development program will help you:
  • Learn effective delegation techniques
  • Run your team efficiently
  • Maintain a high level of motivation and satisfaction among team members
  • Conduct meetings efficiently
  • Positively coach your employees
  • Develop strategic planning skills
  • Develop trust within your team
  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Understand why personal development is critical to success

No doubt about it, the effectiveness of the team depends in large part on the quality of your management skills. With our help, you will also learn how to develop and use a project plan, establish accountability among team members, and assist your team in making good decisions.

Being a manager can be amazingly rewarding, and serve as an exciting, fulfilling step in your career – but only if you’re prepared. We will help you get there.