The team building retreat exceeded my expectations, left our team visibly rejuvenated, and instilled a passionate desire to continually improve our performance. 


VP of Sales, LeadJen LLC

The teambuilding event really did make me more aware of me and how I step up for others. IT WAS AWESOME!! 


Roche Diagnostics

Our team building day was amazing! — People were able to talk to each other better, collaborate more. We had so much fun and it was a phenomenal change that I noticed with our team. 

Christopher Overstreet

Owner, Xiik

One of the greatest gifts that I give myself is to work with a good group facilitator. Deseri is an outstanding motivational and inspirational team building and leadership training professional. She provides exemplary, outcome driven coaching and facilitation that translates vision into reality. Deseri demonstrates extensive knowledge of business development and knows how to lead teams to higher levels of success.

Laura Borders

CTRS MS Ed, S.P.I.C.E. , Team and Leadership Development Training

The seminar was great. I really felt that it provided valuable information and skills development for myself and my team. It was presented in a manner that allowed each of us to take from the program what we needed and could implement. I began my implementation plan less than 24 hours later. That is not the norm for many seminars.

Anita Miler

Dean, Harrison College

Deseri is a highly skilled motivator that makes every event a fun learning experience. I would recommend her to anyone looking for the experience of one on one or group coaching as well as any company looking for a talented team builder. 

Laurie Rice-Salemi

Colored Threads and Indianapolis Chamber Action Committee

Having this kind of experience has made me realize that looking outside of my box (comfort zone) will make things go a lot smoother in my position. I really feel that some of the ideas that I learned from the seminar will be used in positive ways. 

V. Rust

Starke Memorial Hospital

I hired Vida Aventura to assist me in taking my business to the next level in terms of personal commitment for success and to help me drive my revenue goals. Prior to being coached by Vida Aventura I have typically hit my goals but not in the time span that I desired. I’m delighted to say that after our first 6 months I have achieved my revenue goals faster than I ever have thanks to Vida Aventura.

Brian M

Senior Client Advisor, Information Builders Inc.

In today’s busy and demanding world of starting several companies, “focus” always seems to be a challenge for me. Hiring Deseri to work with my companies specifically on this issue was a turning point for my bottom line. Deseri always brought a refreshing outlook and held my company’s leadership accountable to their actions, which keeps us on course. 

Mandy S.

Cogent Media Group

Training is not just about sitting in a classroom and having a lecture. It’s about having an adventure while you are learning; having an experience. It was important for us to take our team out of the building and let them learn for themselves and also as a team. 


Lids (formerly Hat World)

I have worked within some of the same professional circles as Deseri for nearly a year and her reputation as a dynamic, energetic, and (most importantly) effective partner is both appropriate and universal. Beyond her very real competence as a trainer and speaker, she brings an infectious enthusiasm to every encounter that is a powerful force. She is uniquely capable of energizing and empowering others to action simply by infusing her clarity of focus, imaginative approach to problem solving, and enthusiasm to all of her endeavors. 

Bill Meyers

Manager, Career Services, Career Transition Strategies

Deseri is one of those people you meet and immediately understand she is made of great things. Her ambition and drive are like no other. She has an ability to bring a team together, build trust, and open minds. Our world, home, and workplace are filled with “People Issues” and Deseri can offer a great solution. 

Amy Woodall

Communications, TrustPointe

Vida Aventura’s approach doesn’t fit in any of the neat little category boxes of team building. Deseri’s team building is a combination of stretching personal limits, critical thinking, and exploring the limits of teamwork and trust. Our team that went through her program developed dramatically better insights into each other’s core values and a deep sense of trust that turbocharged our inter-dependant business collaborations. This was experiential learning at its best! 

K. Giesselman


The coaching experience held me accountable, helped me identify my strengths, supported me while I tried new behaviors and actives, encouraged me to stretch toward my desired future. 

Tammy H.

High School Teacher and Coach

Deseri with Vida Aventura used the right mix of encouragement, guidance and accountability. She helped me direct my energy and passion to regain a work/life balance and pursue my goals. She is a trusted friend. 

Ruth Purcell Jones

President, Leadership Ventures, Inc