Being an effective leader isn’t easy. Oh sure, some people might seem to be “born that way,” but truth be told, it takes effort, skill and practice!

Here’s some more truth: studies show that 40 percent of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months. The good news is that leadership failure can be predicted – and even prevented – when managers are given the right resources.

Our Leadership Profile is an eye-opening set of leadership assessment tools that quickly identify trouble spots, and build the skill sets you need to take charge of your career. Whether you are training first-time managers or seasoned leaders, you’ll find something for everyone, from communication and delegating, to coaching, strategic planning, and professional development.

The Learning Outcomes from this program will help you:
  • Identify key characteristics of leaders
  • Discover how to build trust and confidence with employees
  • Learn how to avoid behaviors that undermine leadership
  • Understand how to promote teamwork
  • Learn to act decisively
  • Know how to demonstrate leadership in a crisis
  • Better communicate, delegate and coach

Great leaders aren’t really just born that way—they must learn how to lead and influence others through experience, mentoring, and training.