Climb a mountain… and the corporate ladder

One of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself is participating in a Vida Aventura retreat. This type of event where individuals and groups come together to learn from process, experience, and reflection can be transformative and empowering beyond your wildest dreams.

I love facilitating experiential retreats because I truly believe in the power of community … and what can happen with collective minds and souls. The accelerated learning, healing and growing that takes place during these adventures can be described as nothing short of magical. Whether you’re learning to surf, practicing yoga and meditation, paddle boarding or zip-lining through the middle of a forest, combining experience-based activities and personal growth exercises will help you reach your true potential. And discover inner strength and balance like you’ve never known.
Interested in joining me? Take a look at some of my experiential retreat offerings:
  • Destination Team Building
  • Leadership Development Retreats
  • High Performance Retreats
  • Corporate Adventures
  • Adventure Retreats
  • Microadventures
Des’ training is not just about sitting in a classroom and having a lecture. It’s about having an adventure while you are learning; having an experience. It was important for us to take our team out of the building and let them learn for themselves and also as a team. 

Lids (formerly Hat World)