Male sneakers on the asphalt road with drawn direction arrow“There’s a misconception that people who work from home let their home-life distractions spill into their work. For many remote workers, however, the opposite is often the case. “
– Robert Glazer


How do leaders create a company’s culture and unique remote work system? And, what are the best practices for remote teams and the managers that lead them? As an executive and leadership development coach, these questions come up frequently with my clients.  Boundaries, time schedules, and how to measure employee output are just a few key strategies we discuss for creating the remote workspace for virtual teams. I have gathered a few helpful articles that discuss these topics at length that I’d like to share.

From the misconceptions about remote work and benefits/challenges of operating a fully remote firm to a checklist for running a virtual team meeting, technology and all, the following articles give sage advice on how to create and lead a high-performance virtual team.


Remote Work Myths and Hacks from a Fully Remote Firm’s CEO

Woman working at her desk at home with a cup of coffeeRobert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, a global marketing agency that’s been operating 100 percent remotely for more than a decade. In this interview he discusses the misconceptions about remote work, benefits and challenges of operating a fully remote firm, and advice he has for newly remote employees and managers.   READ MORE ‣


5 Ways to Effectively Lead Remote Teams

young man working at computer from homeNot everyone is more productive when they work remotely — some people take advantage and goof off when they are supposed to be working. Here are five best practices for leading remote teams that Monica Zent has gleaned over the years, some of which were learned the hard way.    READ MORE ‣


5 Best Practices for Companies with a Virtual Team

laptop computer with a team on the screen having a meeting with the bossVirtual teams have become the norm in this time of uncertainty and Covid-19. And there is a learning curve to managing a remote organization. Check out these 5 best practices for newly formed virtual teams. Adam has some great suggestions for setting up communication style, organizing meetings, and getting feedback.   READ MORE ‣


6 Leadership Practices to Strengthen Virtual Team Cohesion

Man drinking coffee in a suit while checking is tablet for email

If leadership is authentic self-expression that instills value in others so much that it compels them to act, how does one do this over Skype, Zoom, or any of the other virtual meetings options? Jeff Boss has six practices in mind to help strengthen team cohesion.   READ MORE ‣




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