2021 Trends signSomething I never thought I’d say in the first month of 2021 is that I’ve become somewhat of a virtual training master. Well, maybe not exactly a master, but when the pandemic hit last spring, I joined thousands of others in quickly learning how to transition face-to-face team building events, training workshops and leadership coaching sessions into an effective online experience.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes have had to make that transition too, and according to The Ken Blanchard Companies® 2021 HR/L&D Trends Survey, there are some key areas of concern. I have to confess that when I first read about the results, I wasn’t at all surprised. That’s because I’ve been working with clients on these very same issues for the last nine months. Let’s take a look at some of the results.


2021 Team Building, Learning & Leadership Trends 

Over 1,000 professionals participated in the recent survey, representing all levels within the leadership, learning and talent development function. They were asked to identify the single largest problem their L&D team is facing in 2021 due to COVID-19. Their responses reflected three main themes: 

    • Successfully making the shift to virtual and online learning. 
    • Helping a workforce struggling emotionally with implications of COVID-19 and working remotely. 
    • Concerns about their L&D jobs.

Additionally, participants were asked to rank their main areas of focus when it comes specifically to training delivery in 2021. The top five responses, in order, were:

1. Team Building/Collaboration

2. Coaching

3. Leading Teams

4. Communication

5. Leading virtually

What does this mean for business leaders, managers and teams? First of all, if these are your concerns too, you’re not alone. And I can tell you with great confidence that addressing training concerns safely and remotely is possible and incredibly effective.

Secondly, while you’ve most certainly learned to master your own set of skills in a virtual environment, it’s important to also bring in experienced partners who can incorporate effective team building, leadership coaching and professional development training into your 2021 plans.

And finally, while the new year hasn’t started out the way we might have imagined, there is an abundance of options available to successfully provide virtual learning opportunities and support your teams, both emotionally and professionally.


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