By the time you read this, my partner and I will be on an airplane embarking on a trip of a lifetime. Leaving behind deadlines and jam-packed work calendars behind, and settle in to soak up the sights and sounds of Dubai, Tanzania, The Serengeti and Rwanda … just for starters. We will see and experience people, places, animals and things for the first time in a way that I’m positive will be beyond spectacular, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

For anyone who knows me, you are aware that for months I’ve been preparing for this trip. I’ve received countless vaccines, packed a suitcase full of appropriate clothing and gear, acquired a hand full of new travel gadgets, and even bought a bonafide safari hat … all building up to this excursion that I fully suspect will change my life.

So over the next 10 days, I will be posting lots of photos and descriptions on social media. I’ll share some highlights on my blog, too. If I overdo it, please forgive me. I feel so very fortunate to have been given this opportunity, and I want to share it with all of you the best I can. Please join me … it’s going to be a wonderful journey.

If you want to follow along, here are some of the places (and a little background) on our itinerary, courtesy of Dragonfly Africa:

Dar Es Salaam

As Tanzania’s capital, largest city and main port, Dar Es Salaam dates back to colonial times. With colorful markets as one of its main attraction, the architecture around the city is a reflection of both German and British influences.

The Serengeti

The Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Park form Africa’s most famous wildlife park. The image of acacia trees on an endless grass plain are iconic African scenes for many.
The annual wildebeest migration through the Serengeti and the Masai Mara is the largest mass movement of land mammals on the planet – with more than a million animals following the rains. Game viewing also includes large prides of lions, elephants and giraffes in grasslands, gazelles and eland to mention but a few. Aside from traditional vehicle safaris, hot-air ballooning over the Serengeti plains has become popular, and you can even do a horseback safari.


Rwanda’s capital and biggest city is built across an undulating series of lush hills surrounded by higher mountains, the largest of which is Mount Kigali, rising 1,850 meters above sea level. Kigali is the country’s financial, commercial and cultural hub, served by an international airport and featuring a wide range of accommodation options, restaurants and points of interest, including the Kigali Genocide Centre, an atmospheric market and numerous craft shops.

Virunga Mountains

Set high on the jungle-covered slopes of the volcanic Virunga Mountains, Parc National des Volcans is best known as a sanctuary for the region’s rare mountain gorillas. Highly regulated treks through the reserve allow visitors to spend an hour at a time with these incredible primates in their natural habitat.

Ready to come along for the ride?

Follow my journey on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll also post on my blog when I can. Leave your comments and messages along the way … I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Bon voyage!



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