African-american and caucasian businessmen talking laughing having fun at workplace, diverse colleagues joking sharing ideas at office desk, good relations in team and multiracial friendship at workReady… set… go! And the team building begins.
As a manager, you ask yourself “Who needs to add this kind of activity into an already busy schedule???” Here is why; whether it is an operations team or a sales team, it is ALL about relationships. Developing relationships with coworkers and forging bonds is a major component of job satisfaction. And one study shows people that are happier at work are more productive.

Team building is an investment. After all, employees are the foundation of any business, and its greatest asset. Now that said, many managers assume the HR department should handle this kind of activity, right? Wrong!  There are many reasons to consider an outside facilitator for your team building event. Expertise and knowledge are just two reasons why.

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