Grateful biracial girl with hands on chest feel thankfulGratitude. I sometimes get an eye roll or a sigh from a Vida Aventura client when I mention the importance of gratitude, just because the word is used so often. Keeping gratitude journals and having an “attitude of gratitude” have become automatic suggestions by everyone from therapists and teachers to coffee mug manufacturers and book publishers.

But no matter how often you hear or see the word, there’s a reason why it’s so important. Actually, there are hundreds of reasons why incorporating a regular practice of gratitude into your life is effective. 

Recently, I presented to a group of executives about how gratitude can impact all areas of life, from career success to emotional, physical and social well-being. I also shared information from a great article, 28 Benefits of Gratitude & Most Significant Research Findings, by Courtney E. Ackerman, MSc. Her list of gratitude benefits is extensive, and so I wanted to pass them on to you. Please let me know what you think.


Benefits of Gratitude 

    • Makes us happier
    • Increases psychological well-being
    • Enhances positive emotion
    • Increases self esteem
    • Keeps depression and suicidal thoughts at bay
Social Benefits
    • Make people like us
    • Improves romantic relationships
    • Improves our friendships
    • Increases social support
    • Strengthens family relationships in times of stress
Personality Benefits
    • Increases our spiritualism
    • Makes us more optimistic
    • Makes us more giving
    • Indicate reduce materialism
    • Enhances optimism
Career Benefits
    • Makes us more effective managers
    • Reduces impatience and improved decision-making
    • Helps us find meaning in our work
    • Contributes to reduced turnover
    • Improve work-related mental health and reduce stress
Physical Health
    • Reduces depressive symptoms
    • Reduces your blood pressure
    • Improves sleep
    • Increase your frequency of exercise
    • Improves overall physical health
    • Help people recover from substance misuse
    • Enhances recovery from coronary health events
    • Facilitates the recovery of people with depression


Gratitude Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? Take a few minutes right now to write down five things you are grateful for. Be specific, and see what you come up with. And even better … do the same thing once a day for a week. By making gratitude a part of your everyday life, you’ll start seeing the benefits. I promise. 



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