Last month I took the trip of a lifetime to Tanzania and Rwanda and so many of you came along for the ride by reading my posts and blogs along the way. Your thoughts, reflections and support meant so much — felt like you were right there with us.

To be in nature in its rawest form – where majestic animals are in their natural habitat and humans take a back seat – was humbling, beautiful and awe-inspiring. Witnessing giraffes, elephants, lions and gorillas roaming freely and just being, got me thinking.

Experiencing new things in life helps us feel happy.  And to be clear, it doesn’t have to be an exotic trip to foreign lands. It can be something as simple as visiting a new restaurant or changing up a daily routine. We don’t have to spend lots of money to create experiences that can positively impact our lives. When you incorporate new experiences in your life, and make a point of being present (blocking out electronics, deadlines and other interferences), you will open up yourself to many wonderful sights, sounds and heart-felt moments that otherwise might go unnoticed.

There are always a million reasons not to do something.  “I don’t have money for a trip,” or “I have young kids, I don’t have time to sit down and read that book.”  But why wouldn’t you consider fitting in some new experiences into your life, if it will ultimately make you happier?  How different would all of our lives be if we stopped perceiving the mere considerations in our lives as end-all limitations?

I wanted to share a video with you that includes all my favorite images of this extraordinary experience.  As you watch, I encourage you to think of ways you can create opportunities in your life today to be present, and soak in something new. You’ll be so glad you did.

What’s new with you?

What is the last thing you experienced that was something completely new? Were you scared or excited? And how did you feel when it was over? Please share your latest “new” adventure with us below. We can’t wait to read all about it.


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