“One of the reasons that people can’t find four leaf clovers is that they are too busy looking at all of the three leaf clovers” – Marjorie.

Over the last several years I have been having fun taking pictures of four leaf clovers when I find them and posting them on my Facebook page. It’s exciting for me when I do find them because I was one of those people who couldn’t find one if it was staring me in the face. To add to the pressure, my Mom is a four leaf clover aficionado and finds them all of the time. It was not until my good friend, Dr. Sue Morter, taught me to slow down … just sit down, actually and “be the clover” that they began to show up everywhere. (My first ever five leaf clover is pictured above)

Dr. Sue, my four leaf clover teacher and owner of Morter Institute & Health Center in Indianapolis, wrote a beautiful blog about the experience that opened her up to SEE-ing and listening within. Take some time to “just sit down”, read on and learn. You’ll be glad you did.

”There is a purpose for every event that occurs in our lives: Service. Everything that occurs serves as an opportunity for us to come to know ourselves more fully as an empowered co-creator of our experience. No exceptions.

In the first three months after my mother Marjorie’s passing, I found 69 four leaf clovers. This was not because I was particularly gifted in any way, but rather because I simply slowed down enough to see them. And when I did see them, sometimes three or four at a time, a deep and overwhelming sense of joy slipped in between the crushing grief and reminded me that there was more to the moment than the obvious.

So what was different? I sat down. I stopped from a pace of running a private practice, managing a staff, traveling to all corners of the country and abroad teaching professional seminars, being one of her primary care takers on the weekends and catching a flight back home in order to return to work and begin again on Monday. I stopped with the notion of everything having to get ‘done’. I just sat down. I ‘had’ to.
In that sitting down, in the despair of what felt like losing such a beautiful and rare relationship, my mind stopped and it felt as though all that remained was my breath. Literally all I could focus on was my breathing. Everything else fell away. And something shifted in me. I felt an actual physical, shift. Something let go, and something else ignited. A feeling — (rather than a philosophy) that it really was OK to fully accept my state, trust it, take action from that space or take no action at all, and let go of the outcome — was born.

“One of the reasons that people can’t find four leaf clovers is that they are too busy looking at all of the three leaf clovers”, a favorite quote of mine, offered by Marjorie.

Part of the reason that we have a hard time getting to what we want is that we are so indoctrinated into what we ‘don’t want’. But by allowing ourselves to sit down enough to listen within, our perfect path can be known. My business/speaking opportunities and revenues doubled in the year following my ‘sitting down.’ And the results I see in private practice are like I have never seen before.

The Mind/Body/Spirit connection is a very real thing. The body responds to our thought forms and beliefs. We can proactively program the body to respond in a healing manner. Shifts occur when we are ready to say yes to something different. Healing happens in the body when it is allowed to. We have choice. In fact, our highest purpose in this life is to come to know ourselves fully as the powerful creators of our experience that we are. And most importantly: four leaf clovers are everywhere, waiting to be found. Just sit down.”
Dr. Sue Morter

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