We have all been there.  We chicken out of making a beneficial decision because we fear the disapproval of others.  Or we are so afraid of making the “wrong” decision, that we make no decision at all.  Somewhere along the line we stopped listening to our gut and chose to value others’ judgments over our own.

While it part of the human condition to seek the approval of others, people-pleasing and perfectionism don’t have to run your life and burden every decision you make.  All the great coaches and leaders trusted their own ability to accomplish what they set out to do, despite what others were saying.  And if they fell, they got back up and tried again- the world moved on.  So how do we free ourselves from the anxiety-ridden mindset of perfectionism?  Just how do we restore our own self-trust?  Author Sheryl Paul shows us how in her article, “Why Restoring Self-Trust Will Transform Your Life”.


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