Image of studio microphoneWhy is experience-based team building so effective? And do you know the difference between your role, versus your identity? Find out the answer to these questions and so many more with these illuminating podcasts, perfect for leaders, managers, executives, and business owners. Featuring Vida Aventura’s Deseri Garcia, they will inform, inspire, and help get you to the next level of personal and professional success.


Joy Powered podcast on team building 

 The JoyPowered Workspace Podcast  



Purple Ink PR’s JoyPowered hosts JoDee and Susan discuss team building experiences with Deseri Garcia. Topics include team strengthening processes and tools, experience-based team building, and the keys to building a high-performance team. Even better, this episode is eligible for one SHRM recertification credit. Visit for full show notes.


Why relationship building is crucial to retention

 Why Relationship Building is Crucial to Retention


In this episode of Gut+Science, Deseri focuses on:

      • The importance of building high-performing teams.
      • Why relationship building is crucial to growing and sustaining employee engagement. 
      • How culture fostered around camaraderie boosts retention. 

Listen in as she discusses essential skills, onboarding, and psychological safety – the feeling your people have when their leader, company, and the team have their back. 



Building Healthy Habits podcast

Building Healthy Habits with Deseri Garcia  


In this fascinating Alpha Kappa Psi podcast, Deseri Garcia sits down with hosts Desiree and Chrissy and talks about setting goals, building healthy habits, and finding your why. Are you ready for the challenge?



You Are Not Your Role podcast image

You are Not Your Role, with Deseri Garcia


What is the difference between your role versus your identity? Sigma Kappa hosts Alex and Sara talk to Deseri Garcia to find out, and explore why it’s important to know both. Additional topics include mindfulness (and what that means), the importance of being fully present in a situation, and including those who may be more hesitant to speak in conversations. 


What Do You Think?

If you’ve listened to one or all four of these podcasts, we’d love to know what you think. Which topics were the most helpful, and are there others you’d like to know more about? Better yet, what subjects would you like to see covered in future podcasts? We’re all ears – leave your comments below. 


5 Ways to Build a High-Performance Team


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