Female hands with tattoos keep the heart from the yellow Christmas garlands around the dark background.Are you ready to say goodbye to 2020? I would guess your first response to that question might involve a string of choice expletives, perhaps accompanied by some very specific hand gestures, just for emphasis. I wouldn’t blame you.

The transition from one year to another is usually filled with optimism and renewed hope. In fact, we’re usually filling up our calendars and identifying professional and personal goals about now. Instead, we’re in a state of seemingly endless uncertainty, knowing there are more tough times ahead.

That’s why, as we usher in 2021, I want to re-emphasize just how important it is to incorporate mindfulness and self-care in your daily routine. In addition, keep connecting with others and finding creative and safe ways to be together, whether it’s through virtual meetings, happy hours, team building activities or professional development events.

And finally, let’s keep practicing gratitude. I want to do that right now by telling you how much I appreciate your continued support, and willingness to keep me in mind within your own professional and personal networks. I’ve been able to build Vida Aventura and serve my clients because of you and your referrals, and for that I am forever grateful. And as for the New Year … bring it on. We’re going to get through this together.

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