team talking together with trophys on the tableI think most would agree that a Super Bowl is a pretty epic event. But even if you are not a football fan, there are many valuable leadership and team building lessons to be learned from Super Bowl teams and coaches. Whether it’s about your business or personal life, or if you’re an athlete or entrepreneur, the same qualities that make up winning sports teams can also make a successful life.

Whether you are coaching a sports team or a business team, there are certain qualities that need to be present for the team to succeed in a cohesive manner. Here are some articles that have great tips, recommendations, and insights into how to develop those qualities.


What the Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Corporate Teams

Winning team congratulating each other

There isn’t one person in an athletic locker room that doesn’t know what the goal is: to win. But there are different levels of winning. During practice, it’s to take each session and walk away knowing that players did everything possible to learn, grow and improve. Every game is approached with a winning score in mind, and every winning score is followed by celebration, and then getting back down to practice and starting all over again. Corporate teams must always have short- and long-term goals in mind, and every individual must know what those goals are, and what they need to do to reach them. Read about lessons that can translate from the playing field to the workplace.  Read More


Why Pro Teams Do Team Building

Basketball team giving each other a team hand shake

Team building exercises allow team members who normally wouldn’t work together a chance to cooperate to achieve a specific goal resulting in a boost to their overall cohesiveness. In my article Three Ways Coaches and Players Benefit from Team Building, I discuss how having a strong bond among players builds trust within the team that means less conflict, and also encourages communication, which increases collaboration.  Read more


4 Benefits of Working as a TEAM

Work team in a huddle with view of their faces from below

During a team building event the individual and collective “aha’s” and breakthroughs that happen are amazing. The transformation that can occur through activity based experiential learning is tremendous. Find out how you can help your team benefit from experience-based team building.  Read More


Why Vulnerability-Based Trust Is Essential for Team Building

Team of climbers reaching the summit of a rock pinnacle.

How does your organization build an environment that fosters trust? Trust is the belief in the reliability and truth of someone or something, but vulnerability-based trust goes deeper than that. Read how you can go deeper with your team to develop vulnerability-based trust. Read More



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