Yellow sign says New Mindset New ResultsImagine your team working more efficiently, being more productive, with a greater focus on their goals.

Imagine a more positive work environment with stronger and healthier team dynamics and better manager-employee relationships. Imagine a team bursting with creativity and being more innovative driving your organization to the top.


By making your organization a mindfulness friendly one, you wouldn’t have to imagine it. You’d be living it.

The practice of mindfulness is becoming more and more well-known. From athletes to CEOs, those on the cutting edge of their industries are coming around to the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace. And forward-thinking organizations like Apple and Google, are already reaping the benefits of implementing mindfulness programs at the office, while Aetna even created a role of Chief Mindfulness Officer.

With other big names like Nike, Time Warner, and HBO investing in incorporating mindfulness in their day-to-days, imagine what the techniques could bring to your business.


The Benefits of Encouraging Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Increases productivity.Researchers have found that employees practicing daily mindfulness activities such as meditation, produce better work and make better decisions. Insurance company Aetna has calculated that mindfulness in the workplace has added approximately one hour of productivity per team member a week, which they’ve calculated to about a $3000 gain a year per employee.
  • Improves problem-solving. Mindfulness helps improve concentration by teaching you to free your mind from distractions. When your team is up against a challenge, mindfulness can help them focus and process the information with clarity, so they can overcome it.
  • Builds healthier employees. Neuroscientists from University of Wisconsin have found that incorporating mindfulness into our lives can actually improve how our immune systems function and leave us better equipped to handle stressful situations.

It’s clear that the future is already shaping up to be a more mindful one. To prepare our next leaders for success, Harvard Business School is now offering a mindfulness course to MBA students. An article in the Harvard Business Review states that mindfulness practices “not only build students’ skills as future managers and leaders, they also enhance their emotional intelligence and deepen their often-stressful, results-driven lives.”.

So, go ahead and give your business a competitive advantage and achieve your goals. Incorporate mindfulness in the workplace and you’ll have a more creative, productive and healthier team.


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