High Vibe Tribe TulumWhen was the last time you took a break? And by that, I mean, went somewhere other than home, and to a place where you could genuinely chill out – without a strict schedule, or being responsible for anyone else? 

If it’s been awhile (or if you never really have), then it’s time to treat yourself. But I’m not talking about a vacation – which is really just a designated time to take off work and go somewhere. I’m suggesting a retreat – which is a purposeful getaway solely for relaxing, healing and recharging. And specifically, I’m suggesting you consider High Vibe Tribe Retreat 2022, which is in Tulum, Mexico. Because I am a retreat leader – along with Amy Woodall, President of Sandler Training Trustpointe and Founder & CEO of Conscious Habit – I can honestly attest to its impact on attendees.


What is the High Vibe Tribe Retreat?

This fall will mark the third time Amy and I have led the High Vibe Tribe Retreat, and the best way to describe it is what you’ll find on the event’s official website

It’s an opportunity to connect with other like-minded, high-achieving women looking to unlock your fullest potential. Each day participants will partake in meditation, yoga, and deep inner work. Attendees will leave feeling refreshed, re-energized and reconnected to self. No need to have a meditation or yoga practice already established. All experience levels are welcome. We do have one prerequisite. This trip is an asshole-free zone.


What Attendees Have to Say

Don’t just take my word for why retreats are life-changing. Take a look at a couple of  testimonials from recent retreat attendees who describe their experience:

“I had the unique opportunity to join a group of amazing women, many of whom I did not know beforehand, on a once in a lifetime retreat to Costa Rica last August. The big reason I said yes initially is that I trusted in the leadership and guidance of Des and Amy and knew that I was already going to be an experience to remember.  I left Costa Rica with new life long friendships and special bonds that were created through being open, curious, and vulnerable.  We formed a sisterhood so strong in such a short amount of time and that is priceless.  I am so thankful I said YES!  I cannot wait for the next one!”

 – Jennifer Chapman, Just Commit Coaching


Taking part of the High Vibe retreat was an opportunity to dive deep inside and find parts of me that I had glimpsed but not truly taken the time to explore. At the same time I got to meet and be with women who similarly were seeking new levels of being. If you want to experience more of yourself,  and others, High Tribe retreat offers that and so much more!”

 – Ruthie Purcell-Jones


Big-Time Benefits 

There are so many benefits that come with a retreat experience, it’s difficult to narrow them down. But I’ll start with the fact that you’ll not only discover a new place and embark on an adventure of a lifetime, you’ll also be able to digitally detox in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. In addition, you’ll:

 1. Wake up with yoga, meditation and breath work in an extraordinary oceanfront setting 

 2. Develop daily practices you can use for a lifetime, supporting inner peace, knowingness, confidence, authenticity and clarity.

 3. Feel healthy and vibrant by nourishing your body with consciously prepared local cuisine. 

 4. Become immersed in authentic learning experiences that promote personal growth and transformation.

And that’s only the beginning. You’ll also laugh, connect on a deep level with others, stretch yourself, try something new, and create unforgettable memories.

I hope you‘ll consider treating yourself to a retreat in the near future, and even better, I hope it will be with me and Amy, and raise your vibe! 


Renew. Restore. Connect. Nourish


High Vibe Tribe Tulum Mexico

In November Amy Woodall and I are leading a retreat at the gorgeous Amansala Eco-Chic Resort & Spa in Tulum, Mexico. Our Costa Rica retreat was soul changing for many of our participants. We’re making Tulum just as impactful!

Come with us to renew, restore, connect and nourish yourself. Sign up here.





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