A cluster of canoes waiting for a teamThe last time you attended an offsite meeting, was it amazingly productive and inspirational, or was it, well, an epic fail? Whether you call them retreats, team building events, away days or workshops, offsite meetings can have a powerful impact on employees and leave long-lasting impressions on your teams.

But… And yes, there’s a big but. Participants need to feel truly detached from everyday stresses, and in part, be focused on “soft” (we all know these are not soft skills!) aspects of corporate culture, like interpersonal dealings. In addition, it’s important that colleagues share knowledge and support one another in the process. Learn more about effective offsite meetings below, and while you’re at it, if you’d like to read a case study of how we helped a team create their values and re-align their culture, shoot me an email and I’ll send you a copy.


Seven Ways to Rethink Your Next Leadership Retreat

by Robert B. Tucker

Group of office workers chatting in hallwayIf you’ve been tasked with organizing the upcoming offsite corporate retreat, don’t let this opportunity go to waste! You don’t have to jettison the usual agenda. Instead, condense it. Begin with the end in mind…



Why You Should Go On Team Retreats 

by JoDee Curtis

Team Retreat on a dock with chairsHave you thought about suggesting a retreat for your team? Retreats can create positive experiences allowing the team to reflect and plan, to step away from my daily routine, and to re-energize. You just have to make time to plan it.   READ MORE ‣


What Makes a Good Team Offsite? An Outsider’s Perspective

by Michelle Freed

So what’s the magic formula to building a great team? There are lots of really smart people who know way more about it than me. But I can tell you that I know one when I see one. A day with the Indiana Fever reveals valuable lessons in teamwork and unity.  READ MORE ‣




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