Woman sitting on grass with paper and computer workingHave you started day-drinking yet? I’m only half-way joking. In a recent Vida Aventura blog, I discussed ways executives, leaders and managers are changing things up a bit by breaking the rules – and recreating what the workplace looks like. I also shared how I’ve been looking at my own work habits through a different lens this year, including some occasional day drinking out on my deck (which is something I normally only do on vacation). 

With that in mind, you can imagine how excited I was to read this Forbes article, which profiles new remote working policies from Siemens, one of the largest companies in the world. A Global Fortune 500 with over 380,000 employees, their most recent company announcement included a new and permanent model that will extend beyond the pandemic, and allow employees worldwide to work from anywhere they feel comfortable “for an average of two to three days a week.” 

In addition, one of the highlights comes directly from CEO Roland Busch:

“The basis for this forward-looking working model is further development [of] our corporate culture. These changes will also be associated with a different leadership style, one that focuses on outcomes rather than on time spent at the office. We trust our employees and empower them to shape their work themselves so that they can achieve the best possible results. With the new way of working, we’re motivating our employees while improving the company’s performance capabilities and sharpening Siemens’ profile as a flexible and attractive employer.”

This is big news. And I’m thrilled to see it coming from a powerhouse company, because the main points of this announcement are ones that I’ve been supporting, enabling and promoting for years when working with company leaders and teams. Here’s why:


Different Leadership Style

Burnout is at an all-time high for our nation’s workers. Stress levels are through the roof, the anxiety of uncertainty is taking a toll, and gone are the old-school ways of managing teams. It’s vital that leaders acknowledge and support employees in ways that benefit their well-being, and support individual strengths, work habits and needs.  


Focus On Outcomes

There is a big difference between output and outcome – and putting the focus on one over the other is vital for a healthy workforce. As I outlined in the Top 5 Building & Leadership Trends for 2020, output refers to the products, services or activities of your organization. Output measurements do not address the value or impact of your products or services. Outcome, on the other hand, is the level of performance or achievement that occurs because of the activities, services or products your organization provides.

Team building events and leadership initiatives should focus on outcomes – the value and impact of your product or services. The focus should be on much more than just if employees are working hard so they can check off tasks. Focusing on output leads to burnout, which results in decreased production and an unhealthy workforce. If this is a problem in your organization, start by reading Dealing with Burnout. And then address it in your team building and leadership initiatives this year.


Trust & Empower Employees

I’ve worked with hundreds of executives, managers and company leaders to turn underperforming teams into brilliant success stories. My experience proves time and time again that there are five key sources of team dysfunction:

    1. Dishonesty and mistrust abounds
    2. Healthy conflict is absent
    3. Commitment is lacking
    4. Accountability is unclear
    5. Unity and results are inadequate

Here’s the good news. There is a process to ignite, engage and empower your teams, which will help get the kind of results they’re capable of. It’s all about getting individuals engaged, inspired, and most importantly, trusting each other. Without these elements, your teams will not succeed. Period.  

As outlined in this free download, Five Ways to Build a High-Performance Team, by modeling the behavior you want to see in individuals and encouraging positive change within teams, your company will experience benefits far beyond what you can imagine. 


Get On Board

As forward-thinking, successful companies implement new policies that are better suited for today’s workforce and workplace, it’s imperative that business executives, leaders and managers follow suit. If you need help getting started, we’d love to offer guidance. Start by getting your free download today, and then schedule an appointment with us  – let’s get you on board.


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