One of the ways to remain a life-long learner is to look at every experience you have as an opportunity to learn.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go dog sledding for the very first time. If you love animals, then you can probably imagine what an amazing experience it was to be in the beauty of the snow, with a synchronized team of dogs who were completely bliss’d out when they ran with the sled trailing behind them.

I couldn’t help but make several analogies about dog sledding and teamwork. Here are a few I want to share:

1. Every single team member is important – from the lead dog to the point and wheel dogs to the team dogs. Each played a vital role in achieving the team’s goal.

2. The musher and the rest of the team knew who the lead dog was, and they trusted their leader.

3. The team stopped and regrouped when they needed to. There were times when we had to stop and check on the team, making sure the lines were not tangled and ensuring we were intact and on course.

4. They had fun and enjoyed the ride. The dogs were the most happy when they were working hard. It never fails when I ask coaching clients or teams that I am working with what they want more of – no matter how busy and overworked they are – they say to be challenged. I believe we all desire to give it all we’ve got. It simply makes work and our lives rich and fulfilling.

So, I have a few questions for you to think about:

  • Do all of your team members know how vital their contribution is to achieving the goal?
  • Are you leading by example and fostering trust with your team?
  • Would it be valuable to pause on a project you are currently working on and re-group your team?
  • Are you having fun along the way?

I’d love to hear your feedback. Add your comments below.

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