If you are like me, you recognize that our culture bombards us with stimuli from every direction, at every moment of our lives. We feel the constant pressure to multi-task –¬†which is ultimately counterproductive, because we end up not being able to completely focus on any one of the tasks presented to us. All this noise and pressure can end up making us anxious, to say the least.

I would like to challenge you to try the opposite of what everyone else around you is doing: focusing on one task at a time and blocking everything else out. Pay attention to how you are breathing. Breath is a major door into the nervous system. Once you manage your breath, you can manage your mind and focus. Need help getting started on this? Read Lauren Eckstrom’s article, “5 Breathing Exercises to Increase Focus” for some simple and effective techniques to help you re-focus your mind (and body)!


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