Do you think about the words that you speak? Our words have power and magic in them. No, not Harry Potter kind of magic, but everyday magic.

Did you know that the literal meaning of the word ‘encourage’ is to facilitate the process to find your inner strength and courage. The root word of ‘encourage’ is ‘courage.’ The end result of encouragement is to facilitate courage.

To discourage is the opposite of encourage. Which means that the end result of discouragement is timidity; not courage … Interesting, huh?

A wise person once told me that “encouragement if free, it doesn’t take much to encourage people.” That really is true. Yet, encouraging ourselves and others is often an activity we forget to do. Encouragement is as simple as believing in one another. Profound, yet easy.

When we are facing difficulties or challenges, one of the biggest things we need is for someone to tell us that we can do it; we can succeed. When you do this for others, you will find yourself feeling more courage or become encouraged yourself. It really does ‘pay it forward’ exponentially. This simple act of kindness is free, so why not use it?

Deseri Garcia