Learning valuable lessons can really hurt sometimes. And being asked to work effectively with others always presents its share of challenges. As a leader, you may often feel the pressure to focus only on producing results in the short term, neglecting to look at the bigger picture. How you get the results you want is almost as important as whether you get these results at all. Why? Because how you get there will often determine whether your organization can sustain success in the face of unforeseen changes. Having the patience to listen to your team’s ideas, as well as sharing your knowledge with them are both great steps to take on the right road to how.

How are your actions today affecting your team, and is this a sustainable business model for your organization? This is a tough question, and one that is not easily answered. I challenge you to reflect on your own leadership approach – are you creating sustained success for your organization by presenting yourself to your team in a way that makes them want to reach their full potential, and stay with you for the long haul? For more wisdom on this topic, read this great article by Mike Kappel titled, “Teamwork Lessons I Learned The Hard Way…So You Don’t”.


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