Abstract puzzle background with one piece missingI recently came across a statistic, seven out of ten businesses fail within ten years. 70% – that’s a staggering number! And one of the reasons they fail is because these companies failed to “build an employee tribe”.

An employee tribe has shared values and team culture. And their bond leads to a competitive edge that will ignite their desire to reach their team goals and better their competitors. Here’s a great article on that subject. The Five Stages of Workplace “Tribes”

This is yet another reason team building is so important. When you build a strong team, you’re essentially building your tribe; and in doing so, you’re letting them know that they are essential members of your organization. Read more about the benefits of team building and why it’s a valuable investment.

Here are some other articles I found interesting that discuss the importance of team building.

5 Ways to Get Naysayers to Participate in Team Building

5 Ways to Get Naysayers to Participate in Team Building

It can be a challenge to get even the most enthusiastic of employees to participate in team-building activities, and the announcement of mandatory events of this nature often prompts further complaints. READ MORE


Corporate Team-Building Activities: The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly

Effective team-building exercises should lead to new team skills and a sense of unity – not a trip to the emergency room. First, you need a solid definition of what qualifies as team building. READ MORE ‣  


There’s No Easy Way to Say This, But . . . Your Employees Hate Your Team-Building Ideas
creating bonding experience through team building

Creating bonding experiences employees actually like fosters a workplace culture of friendship, which directly improves morale and productivity. Know what employees hate and why. READ MORE ‣

Do you have a tribe of employees who have one another’s backs?

If so, what practices can you share that have made the biggest impact on your team? If not, do you have a strategy in place to increase your team synergy?


5 Ways to Build A High-Performance Team


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