We’ve all heard the tried and true expression of “there is no ‘I’ in team.” When there are team members in an organization who do not appreciate or understand the contribution, importance and value of their work and their colleagues work, there can be disconnect with the team. When there is disconnect with a team, the entire effectiveness of the business suffers.

There is more to being a good team member than wearing a corporate logo, stamping it on a t-shirt, or putting up posters about success and teamwork. When a team works well together there is a shared understanding of and commitment to, the goals of the organization. So, how do you get the team members to work together and connect their team dots in a meaningful, productive way?

Keep communicating!

One way to encourage a shared team focus at all levels of an organization is by making sure that the goals and the vision of the company are clear and reiterated frequently. Assuming that your team knows is a big mistake.

Two; make sure that each individual knows HOW what they do fits into the goals of the organization. When polled, most employees can’t answer how what they do impacts the vision of the company. If employees don’t know their impact or how they are being measured it’s difficult to hold them accountable to results.

Three; invest in training and development. A sports team is really only as good as each individual. That’s why training and development is crucial. When organizations use effective training and development techniques, then connecting the dots in a more productive, effective way is easy.

Business owners and managers need to make sure that their team members understand the goals of the company; are clear about how they personally contribute and impact the results; and invest in training and development of their people. These three simple steps will make employees feel more respected and valued for their contributions.

Deseri Garcia
Vida Aventura