Few beings on earth work as hard as the bee.  Additionally, bees have the uncanny ability to communicate with one another and adapt to their environment, all for the sake of the survival of the entire hive.  This all plays into bees’ keen instinct to work together as a team.

In a hive, every bee has a job – they serve the other bees in the hive by doing their job and understanding their purpose.  No, they can’t reason.  They don’t have all the scientific evidence showing the benefit to a strong team dynamic.  Nevertheless, we as humans can learn a lot from these little guys.  After all, they are responsible for producing a vital amount of the world’s food supply.  They accomplish so much because of their ability to work together so well.  Read more about what our teams can learn from the bees in Jeffrey Hayzlett’s article, “5 Things Worker Bees Can Learn From Actual Bees”.



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