Coaching truly is its own reward. Seeing my coaching clients create successes for themselves is about as good as it gets. Whether they “showed up” differently to their colleagues, dealt with a conflict in a new and empowered way, created balance for themselves and their families, advanced into a leadership position in their company, grew their business or started exercising, it’s all a big win.

About 18 months ago, one of my coaching clients, Dave Sims walked into his coaching group and declared he had started yoga teacher training. At the time, Dave was (and still is) a restaurant consultant. So, I had to ask, “What do you want to do with your training certification?” Dave’s response was, “Other than teach, I’m not sure …” So, I asked, “Well, if you could do anything you wanted and there were no limitations, what would that be?” His response, “I’d teach at yoga retreats in beautiful destinations all over the world.”

You may have already guessed what happened next.

Dave added his yoga dream to his goal sheet, created an action plan, took steps (and a lot of yoga postures!) toward his dream, including making a dream/vision board, beginning the daily practice of setting intentions, visualization, affirmations and using conscious breath to bring his desire into reality.

Fast forward 18 months; Dave is hosting his first yoga retreat in Little Cayman in November AND last month, he became the owner of CITYOGA in Indianapolis!

How cool is that?! (Dave is pictured above with his vision board.)

YES, our dreams really can grow and expand and unfold
in bigger ways than we first imagined.

The reality is this; it wasn’t an easy process. There were times when Dave didn’t know if “it” was going to happen or how. But he kept to his vision and put himself in action toward his desires, and he didn’t give up.

If you were to ask Dave what made the biggest difference for him in this journey, he would say “Taking continuous action toward my goals, setting clear intentions and keeping them in the forefront of my conscious and subconscious mind – trusting the universe all along the way.”

That’s something any of us can do. The question is, will you?

Thanks, Dave (and all of my coaching peeps for that matter!) for being an inspiration to me and a great example to everyone of faith, perseverance and determination.

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