Tree growing out of a bookEarlier this month, I shared a message regarding racial inequality, global protests and the need for change, including my heartfelt statement, “It’s time to do the work.”


Whether it’s with colleagues, family members, friends, children, neighbors or loved ones, change starts with difficult conversations and self-examination. We all have a responsibility to recognize and call out intolerance and biased attitudes when we notice them. 


With so many resources and options for learning more, taking action and finding solutions, it’s sometimes difficult to take that first step. With that in mind, I wanted to give you a place to start. The list of links below includes ways to donate, movies to watch, books and other publications to read, and additional opportunities to begin your journey.


If you are a company leader or team manager, it is imperative that you begin or continue this process, and prepare your company for positive change. Please contact me for more information on how you can create an improved corporate culture, and develop teams that embrace diversity and increase productivity. 



1. National Public Radio (NPR)

This NPR compiled list of books, films and podcasts about systemic racism to help people be better allies. You’ll find research on how racism permeates everything from the criminal justice system to health care. Topics include the psychology of racism, environmental and medical racism, Black history, and the consequences of governmental neglect.



2. The Strategist

New York Magazine’s The Strategist has compiled an expansive (and vetted) guide, 137 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color, that includes a list for those with the means and interest in donating as a form of taking action today or every day. It encompasses funds, organizations, and individual activists collecting donations that were verified after seeing them on social media or in resource documents being widely shared.



3. ALA Graphic Novels and Comics Roundtable

For those who prefer visuals, the American Library Association’s (ALA) Graphic Novels & Comics Roundtable has collaborated with the Black Caucus of the ALA to create a reading list that draws attention to the Black experiences of the past and present, to demand a new future. According to the website, “It is our hope that this list will grow and serve as an important resource going forward for educators, parents, and readers of all ages.” Titles include topics ranging from police brutality, black history, education, and racism. 



4. Film School Rejects

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other on-demand providers continue to offer movies and series for free. This list from Film School Rejects serves as a starting point for greater appreciation and awareness of Black filmmakers and stories, and provides, “… an opportunity to gain understanding and solidarity with the ongoing movement toward equality and justice and against racism.”



5. Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter website is packed with valuable news, resources, and information. They also have a variety of downloadable toolkits available for things like conflict resolution and healing justice. You can also see news updates and other ways to take action



6. Business Insider

Business Insider reached out to Black professors and scholars at institutions across the country to help create a list of recommended books during this time in our history. Here are the results: 18 books on race and white privilege that will show you what’s really happening in America right now.



7. Anti-Defamation League

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a leading anti-hate organization. It fights all forms of hate and is a global leader in exposing extremism and delivering anti-bias education. Its website offers a wide range of resources, including anti-bias programs, training, tools and strategies


8.  Sunshine Behavioral Health

Mental health is one of the vital issues facing the black community in America. Unfortunately, just 1/3 of black people will receive the help they need. Sunshine Behavioral Health wants to help start a conversation about how racism affects the African American community’s mental health. Their goal is to help reduce the shame and stigma sometimes associated with mental illness and mental health treatment. Sunshine Behavioral Health has created a  web page to discuss the impact of racism and discrimination on the mental health of our black communities.  To learn more about their mission, check out their website:



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