Everybody needs someone who believes in their greatness and challenges them to be more.

Watching the growth and transformation in another person is as juicy as juicy gets. That is why I believe coaching is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet. Coaches coach (in large part) because we love helping people grow, soar, win, prosper, take themselves on, challenge limiting beliefs and become the greatest they can be in both their careers and their lives. If you are a coach, a mentor or a leader, do you disagree?

Imagine, or maybe you already know what it’s like to have someone in your corner and on your team who is committed to you succeeding – whatever you decide success is for you. Also imagine that that someone sees you as great regardless of what you think of yourself, what you believe anyone else thinks of you or any of the “mistakes” of your past. (By the way, the mistakes of your past do not equal your future!) And, finally, imagine that that someone will challenge you to become more than what you will allow yourself to believe you are. It’s a powerful concept, yes?

I feel both honored and blessed to be able to serve others in this way.

I hope that for you it’s not a concept but rather a reality. If you don’t have a partner in your life – a coach, a friend, family member, your significant other, a mentor, or a boss who believes in your greatness, find someone. They are out there waiting to meet you. You may have to stretch yourself to fathom that there is someone who believes in you. But there is someone. Ask them if they will mentor you and hold you accountable to living your “greatness.” Chances are they will be honored to do so.

In case you have forgotten – you are amazing.