It’s been said that a company’s ability to succeed starts from the top down. We have seen it over and over again- when managers and leaders demonstrate true humility and desire for everyone to reach their full potential, subordinates will reciprocate with their loyalty and hard work. On the flip side, have you ever worked at a company where dysfunction was rampant at the executive levels, and it didn’t effect the other limbs of the company? Of course not. What happens in the trenches will always be determined by what happens at the executive level.

Oftentimes CEOs and Presidents will have the foresight to seek coaching for their executive team, but are blind to the ways that coaching can help them too become better leaders. There are many reasons bosses can develop blind spots to their own limitations. Arrogance, fear, or the idea of losing control are a few common culprits. For more on this, read Michael Cooper’s article, “Beware of the CEO Who Doesn’t Need Coaching”. What about you- Are you a boss who might benefit from a fresh perspective? What do you have to gain?


Most leaders struggle with disengagement, dysfunction, and non-productive behaviors with their teams. We deliver training that develops leaders and engages teams to increase your company results.