We have the ability to remember and perform beyond what we think is possible.

You can do exercises that will dramatically improve brain function and memory.

The brain is a marvelous organ. It is capable of learning and retaining an incredible amount of information. Every new experience we have results in new neurons connecting with existing neurons, which allows us remember new information and strengthen learned behaviors. We can actually train our brains to adapt to perform at a higher level than we ever thought possible.

Just ask behavioral scientist K. Anders Ericsson, who researched effective training methods for producing extraordinary levels of brain performance, mainly memory. Read more about Ericsson’s memory exercises here.

These types of memory exercises can greatly help you in your craft or profession. They can help you become a better leader, increase your productivity, and increase your emotional intelligence. According to the study, Ericsson’s methods increased brain performance over a wide spectrum of different professions, including business, music, mathematics, and sports.

Imagine being able to perform at a higher level than you ever have before. What would that mean for you?  Try some of these memory exercises for yourself, and share your thoughts with us below.

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