In this article, Simon Sinek delves into a study that sheds light on employees’ work habits during evenings and weekends. Interestingly, disengaged employees tend to avoid working during these off-hours, while those at risk of burnout often overcommit themselves. However, the most engaged and content employees willingly contribute extra effort during occasional evenings or weekends.

Their motivation? Simple: they genuinely care.

They take pride in supporting their colleagues and ensuring the company’s success.

Sinek shares a personal realization: when he instructed his top performers to cease after-hours work, he inadvertently discouraged their caring attitude. He learned that enforcing a rigid work-life balance doesn’t always align with individual preferences. Instead, appreciating employees’ extra efforts fosters morale and goodwill more effectively than imposing strict boundaries on spare time.

Not surprisingly we can improve engagement, morale, and performance by understanding and aligning around our team members’ individual preferences.

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