Photo by Tyler NixI’ve been there – setting a goal to get healthy, learn that language, or finally be more productive, only to fizzle out after a few weeks. My focus was always on the “what” I should be doing. In this episode of the Conscious Habit Podcast, Amy Woodall and I flipped the script, arguing that the “why” is the missing piece to setting good goals and sticking with the habits.

Instead of feeling pressured by external forces, find habits that click with who you truly want to be. What kind of life am I striving for? What identity does that habit or goal lead towards? How can this habit become a stepping stone to something else? In this episode I share my daily morning practice, TSRW (stands for this shit really works … and it does!). The practice includes meditation, getting into a feeling state, visualizing, affirmations, and gratitude. It’s truly a life/game-changer … thus the name!

By understanding your motivations and staying centered, you can integrate these new habits without feeling overwhelmed.  And, taking time to visualize success? That injects a powerful dose of motivation. Plus, repeating positive affirmations is a behavior-based reminder that you can actually do what you are setting out to do. 

Now, onto the practical stuff. Pairing a new habit with an existing routine – like meditating right after your morning coffee – is a recipe for success. James Clear in “Atomic Habits” calls this technique “habit stacking”. Celebrating small wins keeps the momentum going, and finding an accountability buddy or tracking your progress adds another layer of support to creating and maintaining habits and goals.

Building habits is a journey and not a quick fix. Patience is key, and the occasional slip-up shouldn’t derail everything. By focusing on the “why,” aligning habits with your values, and incorporating these daily practices into smart strategies, you can finally achieve that lasting change you’ve been yearning for.