Have you ever worked with a manager who refused to listen to others’ ideas or perspectives? Who thought there was only one right way to do something, and that he/she was the only one with the answers? This kind of leadership style may have been effective in the past but it’s not anymore. Why? Because companies have wised up and realized that collaborative thinking will produce better results every time.

While surrounding yourself with those who always agree with you may be tempting as a leader, having your ideas challenged is one of the healthiest things you can do for your business. Teams need to be given independence and creative control in order for innovation to thrive.  We want a workforce of thinkers, not just doers, right? But how does a leader effectively empower their team without losing control or respect as the authority? Read Brenton Hayden’s article, “6 Reasons Why ‘My Way or the Highway’ Management Doesn’t Work Anymore” for some practical tips.



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