Team leadership and success with a pretty young businesswoman sitting at a laptop computer surrounded by a group of motivated young team members

Every leader knows it’s hard to find and keep great team members. Losing good people can be costly to your business and it is a constant concern for those in managerial positions.

Are YOU the problem?

Unfortunately, many leaders fail to see the role they may have played when a great employee leaves. Overworking their teams, not recognizing contributions made, and failing to develop talent are just a few pitfalls that managers can fall victim to. Read more common mistakes leaders make that send their good people walking in Travis Bradberry’s article, “9 Things Managers Do That Make Good Employees Quit”.

Can Team Members Find a Better Deal Elsewhere?

You may have more control over this than you think. Of course, you can’t control what your competitors offer in the way of employee compensation; but top talent will always be attracted to an organization that allows them creative control. They want to be able to express their creativity, and want to be trusted with heavy responsibilities. Many professionals today, as well as those who will enter the professional workforce in the future, have realized that job satisfaction is more important than the paycheck. That being said, make an effort to provide the best compensation package possible for your top talent. While satisfaction comes in all forms, talented team members will know right away of they are being underpaid. This will no doubt send the message that they aren’t being appreciated.

What about you?

Do you need to reassess how you approach recruiting and retaining top talent at your organization? Spend time reflecting on this, and I promise it will be worth it in the end.

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