Calendar with a day saying Build A Great Company Culture todayThe term “company culture” gets thrown around a lot in the business world, and it’s not uncommon to not fully grasp what it actually is, and how it fits into the workplace.

Basically, company culture defines an organization’s values; it’s the personality of the company. But really, it’s so much more than that, it helps you foster the right talent for your business by identifying shared values.

In today’s competitive climate, it takes more than profit to propel your business to the top and keep it there. And knowing what your teams’ shared values are, will ensure everyone is on the same page and aligned with your goals.

Here is a blog I wrote on the subject. Below are some other articles on company culture; who has it, and suggestions on how to get you there.


Companies That Are ‘Best Places to Work’ Share These 3 Things

People in office working together

How can employers be sure their organization is deemed a great place to work by employees — even if they’ve yet to be officially recognized for it? Here are three signs a company deserves a highly coveted spot on a “best places to work” list. Check it out… READ MORE


10 Examples of Companies With Fantastic Cultures

picture of Google as good company to work for

Having great company culture is no longer just an option. Today’s workers consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. In fact, fantastic company culture is almost expected along with other traditional benefits. Read how other companies are creating great company. READ MORE


 How to Build a Positive Company Culture

Company culture is an integral part of business. It affects nearly every aspect of a company. From recruiting top talent to improving employee satisfaction, it’s the backbone of a happy workforce. Without a positive corporate culture, many employees will struggle to find the real value in their work, and this leads to a variety of negative consequences for your bottom line.  READ MORE


In today’s competitive climate, it takes more than profit to propel your business to the top and keep it there. You need a strong, cohesive team that not only knows how to work effectively together but that are invested in your organization and aligned with its goals. Get our free guide on how to build a high-performance team and get the results you deserve.


5 Ways to Build a High-Performance Team


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