The problem is that many of us well-intentioned leaders are suffering from burnout. We can help!The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute curriculum is the perfect blend of science, research and mindfulness that develops great leaders and changes lives. 




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I work with many different clients from incredibly varied backgrounds – everyone from corporate executives, mid-level managers and teams, to entrepreneurs and small business partners. And no matter their background or experience, they share one common desire: to be an effective leader. Being able to perform well – and bring their very best to the table (both personally and professionally) – is key to high performance.

This is why I’m so excited to offer Search Inside Yourself-based services to my clients. This Google-based curriculum (also called the Google Method) is a globally recognized program and network that can be described in one word: awesomeness. Here’s why I’m so excited:

What is it?

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence curriculum with a strong scientific base that has been taught at Google since 2007. So it’s the perfect blend of research-worthy, mindfulness techniques that lead to tangible results, and has appropriately been described as life changing – for both the personal and professional lives of participants. Its three-step approach includes:

  • Attention Training
  • Self-knowledge and self-mastery
  • Creating useful mental habits

Why bother?

The Search Inside Yourself approach centers on the notion that leadership so much more than just checking off a list of tasks. It has to do with using our minds optimally and interacting effectively with others. In order to do that we need to be flexible and have clear purpose in the face of complexity. The bottom line? We need balance, insight and the ability to inspire others.

The problem is that many of us well-intentioned leaders are suffering from burnout. We have trouble simply getting our laundry list of tasks done, let alone trying to innovate and create while understanding others and building a strong corporate culture. What’s a leader-wanna-be to do?

Why it works in leadership

Using the Search Inside Yourself model, I will help you and your organization learn to bridge the age-old practice of mind training with modern neuroscience and technology in order to bring your best self to the table … from the inside out. This approach will help you find new meaning and fulfillment in your job, become better at what you do, and find ways to accomplish more.

With my help, you will:

  • Learn how to calm your mind on demand
  • Improve your concentration and creativity
  • Perceive your mention and emotional processes with increased clarity
  • Discover that self confidence is something that can arise naturally in a trained mind
  • Learn to uncover your ideal future
  • Develop the optimism and resilience necessary to thrive
  • Find that you can deliberately improve empathy with practice
  • Learn that social skills are highly trainable

Are you ready?

I haven’t been this excited about a new coaching approach in a very long time. And that’s saying something, because I get excited about everything! So are you ready to experience Search Inside Yourself? Contact me to find out more … we’ll dig in together.

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