The Cornish in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2011 will end in less than 120 days. Around every 30 to 60 days I encourage my coaching clients to take out their goal sheets, check in and reflect on/ask how they are doing.

Like many, I have discovered how powerful it is to actually write down my goals. If you are not familiar with the Harvard study that exemplified how crucial it is to have written goals AND an action plan to achieve them, check out the facts here.

When I founded Vida Aventura one of my goals was to work throughout the world. This year I had the opportunity to expand into Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to do leadership development work. It has been a business and life enriching experience that transpired, in part, because I set it as a goal.

In addition to writing out my goals I also spend time visualizing the outcomes of what I would like to achieve. In the attached video, I have outlined steps on visualization. If you apply the steps I am confident that you will find them helpful in achieving your goals.

Please share: How have you used the power of visualization to achieve your goals?