11 dark blue match sticks with the middle one on fireIf you lead a team then you know it takes a lot of work to both empower your team members and ensure they feel valued and appreciated. Studies show that businesses with engaged and happy team members are 50% more productive and have 26% higher revenues. So, being able to spot unhappy and disengaged employees is vital to your organizational success.

For leaders, it’s key to build trust and confidence with your team and create an environment that encourages engagement, commitment, and effectiveness.

In my recent blog post, I’ve included a few simple practices for helping team members feel valued. Read those here. And, here is a great article by coach Bill Wilson on how to build trust on your team. I’ve also included some top articles below about leadership lessons, empowering employees, engaged and happy teams, trust, and common mistakes to avoid; I think you’ll enjoy them and find them useful!


When Empowering Employees Works, and When It Doesn’t
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To further understand why empowering leadership boosts some employees’ routine job performance but not others’, the HBR Council analyzed other factors that might play a role, such as cultural setting, industry, and employee experience. Read about what they found…  READ MORE ‣


5 Mistakes Agile Leaders Need to Watch Out For
5 Mistakes Agile Leaders Need to Watch Out For

Because agile leaders understand the inter-relationship between different areas of their organizations, they may hesitate to make a decision they know will create disruption. Read why these changes are necessary for the organization to become more agile and move forward.   READ MORE ‣


Want an Engaged and Happy Team? Hone Your Leadership Skills
Hone your leadership skills

Your team is the backbone of your organization and their work can determine if you achieve your goals or not. That’s why making sure you have happy team members who know that their unique contributions are valued and appreciated, is vital to your success. READ MORE ‣



14 Ways To Build Trust When Encountering Pushback At Work
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One way to get past pushback is by building trust, something that can be quite tricky to do. To find what works, 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council were asked to share their best approaches. In this article, 14 leaders in their field give advise on how they build trust and get productive pushback.  READ MORE ‣





I can’t mention leadership resources without letting you know that Vida Aventura provides virtual leadership development and team building activities that are custom-designed to meet your specific needs. Give us a call – we’re ready to help!


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