3 Musts for Effective Coaching

Coaching is the art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which a person can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner    The Inner Game of Work, by Tim Gallwey



Coaching is about collaborating. Imagine having a guide that helps you increase your clarity, understanding and provides support when you need to stretch. The result is higher achievement in less time with less effort.


In a 2001 study conducted by the Manchester Group, benefits from coaching included the following:

• Improved relationships (77%) • Improved teamwork (67%)
• Improved job satisfaction (61%) • Improved productivity (53%)
• Improved quality (48%)

The statistics show that individuals (and organizations) are impacted in profoundly positive ways as they gain a greater capacity to fulfill their goals, visions and desires.

If you are considering coaching, then it’s likely that you already know that all of the facts and figures that support its effectiveness. The question is how do you know if you are ready to work with a coach?

Here are three musts for coaching to be effective:

1. You must be open, authentic and transparent

  • Open to receiving observations and suggestions.
  • Transparent and authentic so that you can build an open and trusting relationship

2. You must be willing to stretch yourself

  • Willing to try new concepts and different ways of being.
  • Step outside your comfort zone to achieve your desired goals.

3. You must be committed

  • Fully committed to creating the results that you want
  • Committed to giving truthful input and receiving honest feedback


Once you have determined that coaching is right for you, you’ll work with your coach to paint a vision of a desired future and outcome. You will recognize and build on past successes by tapping into core values, brainstorm strategies, design action steps and be held accountable which will lead you to greater effectiveness.

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