“There’s not enough time in the day!”

At least that’s the way it feels, doesn’t it? Between emails, meetings, reports, evaluations, proposals … and everything else that oh, by the way, needed to get done yesterday, no wonder we all feel stressed and completely exhausted!

How we spend our time affects all aspects of our work – especially in teams. Employees not only need to get their work done, but show progress! We can help your team develop fundamental time management skills, which will lead to improved performance levels and even more positive outlooks!

Our Time Management / Productivity and Meetings Program will help you:
  • Identify specific outcomes you and your organization desires
  • Prioritize projects and tasks
  • Break down outcomes into daily roles and responsibilities
  • Examine a variety of approaches to time management
  • Learn new techniques to enhance your approach in different situations
  • Learn practice tools for prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries, and eliminate tainted time

And what will you walk away with? The ability to effectively prepare for meetings, among other things.

You’ll also have clear and concise objectives for your organization, with realistic ground rules and powerful problem-solving skills as they pertain to productive meetings.

You’ll also have an action plan in your hand, along with a new appreciation for the role of meeting leaders. You’ll have solid conflict mediation skills, an accountability chart, and a plan for follow-through. Most importantly? You’ll be able to get things done! And for once … time will be on your side.