My friend, Andrea Roselli | Zen Bombshell, wrote the following post as a part of the Life Quest journey. Click here to learn more about Life Quest.

Guest Post by Andrea Roselli | Zen Bombshell

TTally at Easehe reason we often fail to experience a life of ease, enthusiasm, and relaxed productivity can be boiled down to one word: control.

We use our goals, to-do lists, and even spiritual practices to give us a sense of certainty about the future AND our personal identity (i.e. “If I do this, I’ll get this and be this type of person.”). Crafty that we are, these techniques operate as subtle control mechanisms to guarantee the realization of our desires on our own terms and time frame. We endeavor to create the person we think we should be instead of the person we are becoming, and create a chronic state of strain, pain, and resistance in the process.

Here’s news for you: the how and when and even the content of your desires are none of your business. Your business is to feel good, now.

Stop trying to force the universe to adhere to your constraints, and stop trying to force yourself to adhere to old rules. Goals, to-do lists, and spiritual practices must be enjoyable in the moment to be productive; when they start feeling burdensome or anxiety-inducing, it’s time to let go.

Ask yourself: Right now, what feels like the easiest, most natural, most self-affirming thing I can do? And do that, even if rationally it doesn’t seem productive or relevant. This is the way to ease and flow, because you’re choosing ease and flow right now. Surrender to the knowledge that joy is your birthright and the universe will conspire to provide it if you’ll simply let go of the need to control the process. Let it feel easy, and it will be.

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