Guest Post by: Sara Dillard, Inverse-Square


In May, Team Awesome spent a Friday afternoon at Eagle Creek Park with team building extraordinaire Deseri Garcia of Vida Aventura.

Deseri walked Team Awesome through a series of exercises aimed at finding out what it is that really makes Inverse-Square tick; what our values are, what drives us, and what we believe in.

Each member of of the team chose five values; all of which were then combined into a large word cloud. From that word cloud of 45 values, five values stood out the most becoming Inverse-Square’s Credo. For anyone that knows Team Awesome, the results aren’t surprising.

  1. Respect our community
  2. Have integrity; be honest in all places to all people at all times
  3. Take pride in our craft
  4. What we change today will improve tomorrow
  5. Always give awesome service   


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