If you’ve ever heard someone talking about mindfulness, and wondered, “What does that even mean?” you’re not alone. Sometimes the word gets thrown around by trend seekers or skeptics, without a true sense of understanding as to how powerful and important it actually is – both personally and professionally. Mindfulness is transformational in almost any setting, and I want everyone to know more about it.

This is why I’m so excited to be a part of the 2015 Learning Summit, hosted by the Association for Talent Development, Central Indiana Chapter. I’ll be sharing the stage with TeamSense, Inc. President Susan Mosey, a talent development consultant and fellow leadership coach. Our topic? You guessed it – How Mindfulness is Making a Big Entrance into Training & Development. And we’ll not only explain what it is, we’ll help you learn how to utilize it in everything you do.

So what exactly is mindfulness? It’s the ability to gain a state of presence and self-awareness, enabling you to choose your responses or actions in clear, intentional ways. It truly is a way to revolutionize growth, and is already taking the West Coast by storm. Forward-thinking companies like Google and Zappos include mindfulness as part of their corporate culture.

In fact, a guy by the name of Chade-Meng-Ten (a Google engineer turned training and development guru) even began offering free courses to all Google employees on how to use techniques such as meditation, self-mastery, mindfulness and self-talk to improve emotional resilience, self-awareness and well-being. He partnered with experts from around the world, including neuroscientists and Zen monks in order to research and discover ways that such techniques can improve productivity and happiness.

At the Learning Summit, Susan and I will explore these ideas, and share more about mindfulness – the next big revolution in employee development. Participants will also:

  • Learn the science and proof behind the effectiveness of mindfulness in enhanced happiness, productivity and stress reduction.
  • Try out several mindfulness techniques that can be incorporated into your own routine.
  • Utilize new techniques for improving emotional intelligence and well-being.
  • Determine ways to incorporate these ideas and techniques into training and development in areas such as customer service, leadership, stress management and team building.

Are you interested in joining me? Check out the 2015 Learning Summit here for registration details. It’s going to be an amazing event. You can also contact me directly if you’re interested in corporate or individual sessions on mindfulness. You’ll be so excited you did.

What do you think about mindfulness?

Are you familiar with practicing mindfulness? How did you learn about it, and how has it affected your personal or professional life? What is the biggest barrier to bringing a concept like mindfulness to your organization?” We’d love to hear more about your experiences … tell us about them below.


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