BelieveThe moment I realized that I could help make a difference for another person through coaching, I was done. Finito. Hooked for life.  I found my dharma, quest, purpose for being on the planet.

We all know about the countless statistics, quantifiable evidence and significant ROI that supports the power of how we thrive and excel in environments where we are supported. We do well when we believe in ourselves and, many times, even better when others believe in us.

What  juices me is being witness to clients who have self realizations that change the landscape of their work, lives, or relationships; make a change that causes a big shift; excel beyond their expectations; stretch, even when they are scared, and take action that they normally wouldn’t have; or pause and find that simply allowing a colleague to be heard creates a new dynamic in their team. That’s as good as it gets.

Yes, I get a kick out of coaching others, but more importantly, is the experience individuals receive when partnered with a coach. The benefits of coaching are well documented, and I wanted to hear from my own clients how coaching has impacted them.

Here is a list of 21 ways coaching has benefited them:

  1. Helped me bust through fear
  2. Increased my focus on goal setting and achievement
  3. Given me excellent tools / resources and ideas
  4. Better focus
  5. Time management
  6. Encouragement
  7. Enthusiasm
  8. Create new directions
  9. Helped me move forward on some issues
  10. Create time with family and be okay with it
  11. Great ideas to implement
  12. Support with business decisions
  13. Keeping me focused on building my business
  14. Personal development – focus and meditation
  15. Goals to increase my sales and grow business
  16. Follow through
  17. Track metrics and accountability
  18. Trust in the process
  19. Accountability
  20. Strategy / Structure
  21. Emotional stability – riding out the good and the bad

As I looked over the list, I could relate to all of these. Many of the benefits are the same reason I have my own coach. I have learned quite a bit by working with my coaching clients. In the words of Wilma Rudolph,

“No matter what you accomplish in life somebody helped you.”

That’s been my experience, and I am grateful and honored to be able to work as a coach with amazing individuals who inspire me, every day.